History Package - American British & World by James Stobaugh for High School Grade 10 11 12
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History Package - American British & World by James Stobaugh for High School Grade 10 11 12

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  History Package 

World, British, and American History

High School History Curriculum  

by Dr. James Stobaugh


History has never been this insightful or engaging! A great new series that takes you on a whirlwind tour of American History (from the 1400s to present day), British History (from the ancient Roman influence to the present day), and World History (from ancient Mesopotamia to the present day) without the filters of revisionist or anti-Christian perspectives.
This three-year history curriculum includes:
  • Teacher’s guides allowing a parent/teacher to study the student objectives with each chapter, providing answers to the assignments and the weekly exams
  • The 34 chapters have 5 lessons each, taking approximately 30 minutes a day
  • The final lesson of the week is the exam covering the week’s chapter
  • A parent or teacher can grade assignments daily or weekly
  • Independent learning is strongly encouraged in this insightful course.
Each book is designed for a year’s worth of study: 34 powerful weeks of historical viewpoints. With clear objectives and challenging assignments, students easily make their way through ancient and modern source material, all provided — learning about historical trends, philosophies, and events. This is a solid educational process to help the student develop his or her Christian worldview and form his or her own understanding of history.
The convenient teacher’s guides include assignments with answers, learning objectives, grading criteria, and short essay questions to help the student comprehend and apply the information presented. Questions are organized at the back for easy use in testing and reviews.
  • 3 Year Curriculum
  • 10th, 11th, and 12th Grade
  • 3 Credits
Package Includes:
  • American History - Student
  • American History - Teacher
  • British History - Student
  • British History - Teacher
  • World History - Student
  • World History - Teacher
This new series by renowned scholar and educator Dr. James Stobaugh was designed with Christian students in mind… helping them become true scholars of history and understand more fully how past events have shaped today’s world, strengthening their biblical worldview.
Distinctive Features
Each historical overview offers narrative background material on the time period, as well as:
  • Critical thinking questions based roughly on Bloom’s Taxonomy 
  • Terms, concepts and theories to evaluate
  • Facts on significant people who changed the course of history
  • Daily lessons; weekly written exams
  • An examination of historical theories surrounding a period or topic
  • An overview of God’s influences in history
  • Overviews of world views and their significance
Getting this set will give you your high school history curriculum -- all in one purchase! Your student will enjoy these studies, and you will enjoy watching them learn!
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