Children's Atlas of God's World by Craig Froman
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Children's Atlas of God's World by Craig Froman

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  Children's Atlas of God's World

by Craig Froman


Children's Atlas of God's World is a one-of-a-kind atlas that glorifies God, explores His creation, and honors His followers around the world! When you read this book, you will discover amazing wonders of God's creation, including longest rivers, tallest mountains, and more! Examine interesting factual details about Christian explorers, missionaries, and history makers! And learn about geographic features and how these were formed by the Flood, plate tectonics, and volcanic activity - plus other details of God's amazing  design!

The atlases that line the shelves of libraries and  bookstores are filled with both evolutionary thought and secular  worldviews. This atlas is packed with unique insights into Christian  history makers and amazing landmarks. One will explore the design of  ecosystems and biomes, great civilizations, and discoveries found around the world. The full-color, visually engaging book provides a dual  purpose as an elementary curriculum and a valued reference tool.

Outline maps and facts regarding the seven continents are provided, as well as  detailed maps and data of the featured countries. The comprehensive  information provided for each focus country will bring to light their  culture and traditions, holidays, exploration, legal system, and  economic industries, as well as missionary accounts and other material  to help children connect to people from regions around the globe.

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An amazing book to begin laying the foundation of Biblical truth for your young children or grandchildren!

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