A Classical Christmas DVD & Reading Aloud Family Program by Dr. Carole Adams and Rosalie June Slater

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Set of A Classical Christmas DVD and a A Family Program for Reading Aloud 

by Dr. Carole Adams and Rosalie June Slater  

Paperback and DVD  


This set includes:


  • A Classical Christmas for Family Reading (DVD) by Dr. Carole Adams 
The one essential priority of the Christmas season is to keep family celebrations faithful to the Biblical purpose of holidays . . . as “holy days” in which to teach the story that must always be taught and loved.   At Christmas the bustle and activity sometimes thwart this central purpose.  Dr. Carole Adams presents some ways the classics can be used to re-tell His Story at Christmas in elevating and inspiring ways through Charles Dickens’ Life of Our Lord, through poetry, and through Rembrandt’s masterpieces of the nativity.
Format: DVD Length: 24 min.
  • A Family Program for Reading Aloud Paperback by Rosalie June Slater
The family is the educational center of our nation. Teach leadership and Christian character to your children through literature. This valuable volume discusses more than 200 classics by great authors that identify Biblical ideals and will give your children a better understanding of forming Christian character. Expand your child’s interests and make your home the beginning place for developing leaders. For decades this book has been bonding and blessing families who discover the delight of enjoying books together.
An amazing set to begin laying the foundation of Biblical truth for your young children or grandchildren!
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