Advanced Pre-Med Studies Curriculum Pack Grade 10 11 12
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Advanced Pre-Med Studies Curriculum Pack Grade 10 11 12

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Advanced Pre-Med Studies 

Curriculum Pack

10th, 11th, or 12th Grade

5 Books Included



Get the science basics in this exciting premed study! Explore medical history as you discover the intricate design of the human body. Learn about germs as you unlock the code of life with a solid overview of the scope and application of medical and scientific knowledge. From genetics to bones to surgeries, discover a powerful array of sciences and advances!

Lesson Planner


  • Weekly Lesson Schedule
  • Student Worksheets
  • Quizzes & Test
  • Answer Key
  • 10th, 11th, or 12th grade
  • Biology
  • 1 Year 
  • 1 Credit


Package Includes:


  • Building Blocks in Life Science
  • The Genesis of Germs
  • Body by Design
  • Exploring the History of Medicine
  • Advanced Pre-Med Studies Parent Lesson Planner


Four titles are combined for a full year of study. Building Blocks in Life Science delves deeper into biology and God’s amazing design of life; The Genesis of Germs focuses on the spread of germs and diseases caused by sin’s corruption; Body by Design discusses the basic anatomy of the human body and God’s amazing design of each of the 11 body systems; and Exploring the History of Medicine reveals amazing discoveries of health and wellness throughout history. Combined with the Parent Lesson Plan, you will have a detailed calendar for each week of study, reproducible worksheets, quizzes and tests, and answers keys to help grade all assignments.
Advanced Pre-Med Studies Course Description
Semester 1:
From surgery to vaccines, man has made great strides in the field of medicine. Quality of life has improved dramatically in the last few decades alone, and the future is bright. But students must not forget that God provided humans with minds and resources to bring about these advances. A biblical perspective of healing and the use of medicine provides the best foundation for treating diseases and injury. In Exploring the History of Medicine, author John Hudson Tiner reveals the spectacular discoveries that started with men and women who used their abilities to better mankind and give glory to God. The fascinating history of medicine comes alive in this book, providing students with a healthy dose of facts, mini-biographies, and vintage illustrations.
It seems that a new and more terrible disease is touted on the news almost daily. The spread of these scary diseases from bird flu to SARS to AIDS is a cause for concern and leads to questions such as: Where did all these germs come from, and how do they fit into a biblical world view? What kind of function did these microbes have before the Fall? Does antibiotic resistance in bacteria prove evolution? How can something so small have such a huge, deadly impact on the world around us? Professor Alan Gillen sheds light on these and many other questions in The Genesis of Germs. He shows how these constantly mutating diseases are proof for devolution rather than evolution and how all of these germs fit into a biblical world view. Dr. Gillen shows how germs are symptomatic of the literal Fall and Curse of creation as a result of man’s sin and the hope we have in the coming of Jesus Christ.
Semester 2:
Body by Design defines the basic anatomy and physiology in each of 11 body systems from a creationist viewpoint. Every chapter explores the wonder, beauty, and creation of the human body, giving evidence for creation, while exposing faulty evolutionist reasoning. Special explorations into each body system look closely at disease aspects, current events, and discoveries, while profiling the classic and contemporary scientists and physicians who have made remarkable breakthroughs in studies of the different areas of the human body.
Within Building Blocks in Life Science you will discover exceptional insights and clarity to patterns of order in living things, including the promise of healing and new birth in Christ. Study numerous ways to refute the evolutionary worldview that life simply evolved by chance over millions of years. The evolutionary worldview can be found filtered through every topic at every age-level in our society. It has become the overwhelmingly accepted paradigm for the origins of life as taught in all secular institutions. This dynamic education resource helps young people not only learn science from a biblical perspective, but also helps them know how to defend their faith in the process.
A great resource for your high school student!
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