7th Grade Curriculum Set Answers Genesis 12 Books Science Math History Jr
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7th Grade Curriculum Set Answers Genesis 12 Books Science Math History Jr

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7th Grade Curriculum Set

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12 Books; 6 DVDs



This set includes the following:

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Principles of Mathematics Book 1 $64.98

Awesome Science: Historical Geology $116.96

Skills for Language Arts $59.98

Studies in World History Vol. 2 $54.98

Intro to Anatomy & Physiology $55.97


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Educational scope: Assess history covering the Renaissance, Reformation, and revolutions; science studies discussing the processes of and life within the oceans and on land; the connection between Noah’s Flood and surface features of Earth; language arts foundations, including comprehending the classics, as well as writing skills; mathematics designed to teach practical principles and God’s foundational principles.

Additional important concepts: Bridge important gaps between areas of science and biblical history, and develop crucial discernment skills for understanding literature, history, the sciences, the Bible, and cultural misconceptions about biblical history.

What makes it unique: Science complements young-earth biblical history flawlessly, and this is shown across various topics with countless examples; detailed coursework aids in the development and understanding of a worldview based on scriptural authority and God as Creator.

Suggested weekly schedule: 3 to 4 hours per day, 5 days per week

Awesome Science: Historical Geology

National parks become the setting to learn a variety of geological processes that relate to biblical history like Noah’s Flood in this DVD-based set.

Studies in World History Volume 2

A comprehensive examination of history, geography, religion, economics, and government systems to help develop a strong biblical worldview, covering Europe and the Renaissance.

Skills for Language Arts

Learn to analyze, understand, and critique various literary styles, discern parts of a sentence, and actually produce an original novella of your own.

Principles of Math Book 1

From fractions to foundational concepts, students come to understand concepts, build problem-solving skills, and see how aspects of math connect within a biblical worldview.

Intro to Anatomy & Physiology


The Musculoskeletal System, the first volume of Wonders of the Human Body, opens with the building blocks of your body—the cells. Your body is built from many kinds of cells and tissues, and you will learn how they work. Even the bones and muscles that give you strength and speed depend on many types of cells. Cardiovascular & Respiratory Systems, covers both the cardiovascular and respiratory systems. From the level of the cell to the organs themselves, we will examine these systems in depth.

An excellent, well rounded education for your student!
You will love the journey of learning and teaching through this curriculum pack!
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