5th Grade Curriculum Set 12 Books, 3 Audio Books and 1 DVD History Science
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5th Grade Curriculum Set 12 Books, 3 Audio Books and 1 DVD History Science

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5th Grade Curriculum Set

Published by Master Books

12 Books; 3 Audio Books; 1 DVD



Go beyond the basics as you explore chemical elements, types of energy, diverse sequences and go on an exciting whirlwind tour of global history from creation to modern times!

This set includes the following:


  1. Elementary Chemistry & Physics Parent Lesson Planner
  2. Matter - Student
  3. Matter - Student Journal
  4. Matter - Teacher Guide
  5. Energy - Student
  6. Energy - Student Journal
  7. Energy - Teacher Guide  
  8. World of Science
  9. Case of the Missing Mountain
  10. What in the World? Volume 1 Audio CD
  11. What in the World? Volume 2 Audio CD
  12. What in the World? Volume 3 Audio CD
  13. Elementary World History Parent Lesson Planner
  14. Big Book of History
  15. Noah's Ark: Thinking Outside the Box
  16. Noah's Ark: Thinking Outside the Box DVD


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Includes all Parent Lesson Planners to make teaching this curriculum a breeze!
Educational scope: Learn about chemical and physical changes, light waves, magnets, chemical properties, acids and bases, salt, light, static electricity, circuits, the periodic table, and more, using experiment-based learning. Meet newsmakers, explore archaeological treasures, and uncover conversations related to important events and scriptural truth with a timeline and CDs to engage interest and discovery!
Additional important concepts: Science lessons begin with a simple and easy experiment (material lists included), and two levels of testing are included. Both science and history lessons address important concepts and concerns, as well as supporting faith in God who created the natural world. Writing assignments also help to hone understanding and the student’s ability to communicate.
What makes it unique: A special component of the history curriculum allows for more in-depth study of Noah’s ark and important related details that also help to confirm the importance, viability, and after-effects of this remarkable historical and biblical event. The importance of Mount St. Helen’s eruption that scientists were able to see happen before their eyes is also explained in the context of a young earth. History CDs can be used as supplemental resources.
Suggested weekly schedule: Lessons occur 3 to 4 days per week, around three hours per day.
Elementary Chemistry & Physics
Students study magnets, light waves, chemical elements, different forms of energy, and more by using bubbles, salt, and other common items. Science + activities = learning fun! Two levels of testing; 7-book package.
World of Science
Filled with facts about science in a variety of fields and applications in our ever-changing world. Covers matter and chemicals; energy, motion, and machines; electricity and magnetism; light and sound; space and time. Highlights Christian scientists and includes over 60 science experiments.
Case of the Missing Mountain
Complete the puzzles, master the mazes, and secure the secret codes, solving all of the mountain’s mysteries to become an official Mystery Ranger. This exciting 80-page activity book teaches young-earth creation concepts, and shows important history of the Mount St. Helens event.
What in the World? Volumes 1-3
A multi-CD set that takes you to the heart of history and God’s guiding hand. Meet the rulers and dreamers who changed the course of history. Investigate ideologies that influenced change and tragedy.
You and your student will love learning from this curriculum set!
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