5 Steps to a Successful Day [Spiral-Bound Book] by Sue Pruett - How To Schedule
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5 Steps to a Successful Day [Spiral-Bound Book] by Sue Pruett - How To Schedule

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  5 Steps to a Successful Day

or In-Bounds Scheduling: How to Keep Your Life in Bounds


Spiral-Bound Book

by Sue Pruett, The "Charlotte Mason Girl"

Revised and Updated!

Teaching our children at home is wonderful! All the options available, the richness of the material, sharing wonderful living books with our children, and short lessons all add up to a rich, low-stress, broad education for our children. What’s that? Not at your house? You can’t seem to get it all in? You struggle to keep ahead of the housework while keeping school going? I have no idea what that’s like – NOT!

I do know what it’s like to be a wife, mom, homemaker, homeschooler, church member, community member, daughter, sister, and friend – and struggle to fulfill all the different hats I must wear, while not losing my balance!

Have you been overwhelmed by ALL the WONDERFUL options available to you in educating your children at home? Ever thought “I’d LOVE to do all these, BUT I don’t know HOW I’d ever get it all done!”? Do all the greatest parts of homeschooling always seem just out of reach? Or perhaps you think, “Yeah – THAT will never happen!”

Now with bonus Step 6 — the Stressed Out Schedule (now THAT will come in handy!) and Step 7, Do you really need a schedule?  These chapters will help you during those most difficult of difficult times, and help you know where to put your energy and time.

Imagine moving through your day, getting everything done that needs to be done, not forgetting to cover phonics during school, or to return that book to the library, doing all those wonderful ‘extra’ studies that are so fun and build your relationship with your children, as well as their intellect and knowledge. – You CAN do it! This product will show you how.

Our prayer is that even an imperfect schedule, and an imperfect ministry, by an imperfect mother, can BLESS your family!

This scheduling book is like no other. You will find out how you can accomplish all that needs to be done, and let the rest go. You can learn how to finish your day satisfied that today’s work was done. For just a few dollars, you can discover your own path to a more peaceful day, and maybe even how to better follow the Lord’s will for your life right now!

This paperback book is 50 pages long, and measures about 8.5 / 11. Get this amazing resource that could transform your family's day-to-day life!

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