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  Dream Dating

How to Cast a Vision for Your Family


Audio CD

Workshop Presented by Larry Pruett

Guys, do you date your wife? Do you dream with your wife? Well, you should! As the leader in your home (Ephesians 5:23) you are responsible for loving your wife and pursuing her, even after you are married. One relatively simple way to do that is through Dream Dating.

What is Dream Dating? Well, in a nutshell, it’s dating with a purpose. It’s taking your wife on an overnight or weekend date where the two of you can spend time together, reconnect with one another, and dream together about the future. It’s an opportunity for you to develop a vision for your family and put it in writing.

In this workshop presentation, Larry Pruett will walk you through the Dream Dating process. He’ll give you tips on how to present the idea to your wife, how to make the preparations for a night or weekend away economically, and will lay out the five exercises you need to do on your Dream Date. All of these tools will help you go from a fuzzy dream concept to a specific, written family purpose statement!

If you want to be more intentional at setting the direction for your family, if you want to show your wife and children that you are serious about leading your family, and if you want to do incredible things for the Lord … you need to hear this talk!

This talk was recently recorded live at a homeschool conference. Make sure to get this amazing resource that could revive your marriage and transform your family!

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