Language Arts – Naturally, the Charlotte Mason Way  [Audio CD]  by Sue Pruett
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Language Arts – Naturally, the Charlotte Mason Way [Audio CD] by Sue Pruett

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Language Arts - Naturally, the Charlotte Mason Way


Audio CD

Workshop Presented by Sue Pruett, "The Charlotte Mason Girl"


"What do you do for English?" "How do you teach spelling?" "What grammar program do you use?" "What do you do for reading?" Because I have used Charlotte Mason's methods throughout our years of homeschooling our children, questions like these used to throw me. I was worried I wasn't doing all I should do for my children in these various subjects. Well, I realized, eventually (!), that the methods I had been using taught all these subjects, naturally, simply, (dare I say?) even - easily! I now share openly and boldly how I teach all my children with the gentle, natural methods that Miss Charlotte Mason developed, and how it has benefited them in all their educational endeavors. You would be amazed at just how much can be accomplished with a few simple exercises - like creative writing, for example. Join us in this hour to learn how to cover all these subjects, and more without driving you or your children mad!

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