Your Story Hour Life of Jesus Audio Drama CD Album New Testament Christmas
Your Story Hour

Your Story Hour Life of Jesus Audio Drama CD Album New Testament Christmas

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Your Story Hour

 Life of Jesus

CD Album


This CD album contains thirteen CDs with 26 dramatized audio Bible stories on Christ's life from his birth through His ascension. This is an album that will be cherished by the entire family. These stories can also be found in albums 4 & 5 of the Bible Comes Alive series.

The Stories included in this set are:

(CD1) MARY OF NAZARETH-Angel appears to Mary / BORN UNDER A STAR-Birth of Jesus

(CD2)THE KING GROWS UP-Jesus' boyhood / A VOICE IN THE DESERT-John the Baptist; Jesus' baptism

(CD3) JOURNEY TO JERUSALEM-First cleansing of the temple; Nicodemus / HAPPINESS IN GALILEE-Miracles of Jesus

(CD4)JESUS THE HEALER-Jesus heals leper and paralytic / MATTHEW'S MAGNIFICENT PARTY-Matthew becomes a disciple

(CD5)TROUBLED WATERS-Jesus heals on the Sabbath / THE ROAD TO HAPPINESS-Ordination of 12 disciples; healing Roman officer's servant

(CD6)THE GREATEST MIRACLE-Widow's son resurrected; Simon's feast; demon cast out / PRISONER IN A DESERT DUNGEON-Death of John the Baptist

(CD7)STORMY TIMES-Jesus calms storm; two demoniacs; Jairus' daughter resurrected / A BOY'S AMAZING LUNCH-Jesus feeds 5000 people / A FISHERMAN WHO COULDN'T SWIM-Peter walks on water

(CD8)THE POWER OF A MOTHER'S FAITH-Jesus and the Phoenician woman; feeds 4000 people / THE GREAT SECRET-Mount of Transfiguration; temple tax

(CD9)ENCOUNTERS IN JERUSALEM-Religious leaders try to trap Jesus / THE MAN WHO LIVED TWICE-Lazarus is resurrected

(CD10)CITIZENS OF HEAVEN-Jesus relates to children; heals sick; tests young ruler / JESUS AND MR. TOO SHORT-Zacchaeus / CHEERS FOR THE KING-Jesus' triumphal entry

(CD11)THE GREAT CLASH-Second cleansing of the temple / A NIGHT TO REMEMBER-The last supper

(CD12)BETRAYED-Night in Gethsemane / THE TRIAL-Jesus on trial

(CD13)THE ROAD TO SKULL HILL-Crucifixion / A PROMISE TO KEEP-Resurrection and ascension of Jesus

This brand new set of 13 CDs comes in a sturdy carrying case. The total listening time of the 26 stories is approximately 13 hours. The retail price for this set is $48.75, but you can get it here at a nice discount.

This is a special set of CDs that you and your kids or grandkids will love together!

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