How We Did It

We get a question like this every once in a while: "How did you build your business to the point that it could be a full time income?"  Well, it certainly hasn't been easy, but here are some things that helped along the way!

First, it's only been by God's grace and goodness, and a lot of prayer!

Everything else is secondary, but here are some concepts and tools that helped us tremendously:

  • Slow and steady. We worked part time at this for 8 years before jumping into it full time. That doesn't mean that it will take you that long! Things really took off for us once we ...  
  • ... Purchased the Proven Amazon Course. It is an amazing, ever growing, resource that explains how to sell on Amazon and to stay ahead of the curve. Amazon is an amazing marketplace for third party sellers, but presents numerous challenges as well. Once we bought this course, things moved very quickly for us.
  • The My Silent Team Facebook Group is a source of free information and amazing encouragement. It's run by the same folks who produce the Proven Amazon Course, so it all goes together very well. We are part of the moderator team there and can assure you that this is an amazing group!
  • Serve Others -- It's so simple to say, but sometimes hard to do. But, serving others is the key to success in all aspects of life, including business. Serve your customers well, and they will be loyal customers who tell others about you.
  •  Building relationships -- we have met some amazing people over our years in business. And these relationships have led to some excellent opportunities for us - both financially and in ministry. 
  • Priorities -- God first, marriage second, family third, then ... everything else. Our business may fail, but we can't lose the most important relationships in our lives. Period.
  • We dreamed together. We've written about the process we use in the book, Dream Dating. This helped tremendously as we set out goals and plans to reach our dream of working together full time. 

We hope these ideas and resources help! Many times people want to know specifics -- what we sell, how we got started, etc -- and we would be happy to answer those questions as well. However, these concepts above are so important that we want to lay them out first. For example, if you don't have your priorities in place, your business likely will not succeed -- no matter what you try. But, when you start with the right mind set, and get a few tools to help along the way, you can do it!

We pray that you will have success in your business journey. We'd love to hear your story, or help in any way we can. Please feel free to contact us here and we'll get back with you!

For more of our story, you can hear a podcast where we were interviewed. It's the Silent Sales Machine Radio Podcast, episode number 62. 


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