Debate the Critics Box Set by Ken Ham and Bodie Hodge
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Debate the Critics Box Set by Ken Ham and Bodie Hodge

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Debate the Critics Box Set 

Featuring Ken Ham and Bill Nye 

Creation vs. Evolution



The debate to determine whether or not creation is a viable origins model in today's modern scientific era!

Are you ready to Debate the Critics?

With millions watching on February 4, 2014 the debate between “Bill Nye the Science Guy” and Answers in Genesis founder and president Ken Ham focused attention on creation and whether or not it is a viable model for origins in today’s scientific era. This event echoed the worldviews at work in our lives today and put two of the most unique and recognizable speakers on stage to answer the tough questions of both science and faith. Now you can have a powerful set of resources to help you learn from the informative event!

The Debate the Critics box set includes:


  • Inside the Nye-Ham Debate – gives analysis and perspective on the debate, as well as additional details, and includes a full transcript of the debate! (400 pages)
  • “Uncensored Science: Bill Nye Debates Ken Ham” DVD – watch the debate as it happened; see the questions, the arguments, and the audience reactions as you share the event with family and friends! (4 dvds, 2.5 hours with bonus material)
  • Confound the Critics – learn God-honoring, real responses to aggressive critics to help you defend your faith and influence skeptics toward Christ. (256 pages) 


More answers, more perspective, and more biblical truth for the world’s most critical questions today!

Get this amazing set to prepare yourself to defend the Word of God!

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