Intro to Speleology & Paleontology Curriculum Pack for Jr High Grade 7 8 9
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Intro to Speleology & Paleontology Curriculum Pack for Jr High Grade 7 8 9

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Intro to Speleology & Paleontology Curriculum Pack

7th, 8th, or 9th Grade


Tired of average science classes? Try an out of the ordinary science course focused on caves and fossils! Discover how caves are formed, different examples from around the world, and how it connects to biblical history. Dig deeper into the history, type, and preservation science of fossils, sifting through facts and photos in an exploration designed to spark interest!

Lesson Planner information:


  • Weekly Lesson Schedule
  • Student Worksheets
  • Quizzes & Test
  • Answer Key
  • 7th - 9th Grade
  • 1 Year 
  • Earth Science
  • ½ Credit


Package Includes:
  • The Cave Book
  • The Fossil Book
  • Parent Lesson Planner
Two titles from the best-selling Wonders of Creation Series are combined for a full year of study. The Cave Book discusses how caves form from a creationary model, as well as cave creatures, unique features, and caving. The Fossil Book instructs students on the formation of fossils from the biblical account of the Flood, and the way one can be involved in fossil hunting. Combined with the Parent Lesson Planner, you will have a detailed calendar for each week of study, reproducible worksheets, quizzes and tests, and answers keys to help grade all assignments.
Introduction to Speleology and Paleontology
Course Description
This is the suggested course sequence that allows one core area of science to be studied per semester. You can change the sequence of the semesters per the needs or interests of your student; materials for each semester are independent of one another to allow flexibility.
Semester 1: Speleology
Explore deep into the hidden wonders beneath the surface as cave expert Dr. Emil Silvestru takes you on an illuminating and educational journey through the mysterious world of caves. Discover the beautiful, thriving ecology, unique animals, and fragile balance of this little-seen ecosystem in caves from around the globe. The Cave Book will teach you about: a creationary model for how caves form, a history of how caves have been used by humans for shelter and worship, how old caves really are, the surprising world of Neanderthals and their connection to modern humans, how to make a stone axe and about early tools, just how long it really takes for cave formations to form, unusual animals that make caves their home, examples of how connected caves are to mythology of many cultures, the climate and geologic processes and features of caves and karst rocks, the process by which ice caves form, exploration, hazards, and record-setting caves, how caves form, and features above and below the surface. Filled with beautiful and fascinating color photos of caves from around the world. The Cave Book is a wonderful guide to this hidden world of wonderful. Enjoy learning on your journey of exploration into these exciting and mysterious places underground!
Semester 2: Paleontology
Fossils have fascinated humans for centuries. From the smallest diatoms to the largest dinosaurs, finding a fossil is an exciting and rewarding experience. But where did they come from, and how long have they been around? These and many other questions are answered in this remarkable book. The Fossil Book will teach you about: the origin of fossils, how to start your own fossil collection, what kinds of fossils can be commonly found, the age of fossils, how scientists find and preserve fossils, how to identify kinds of fossils, how the Flood affected fossil formation, the Geologic Column Diagram, the difference between evolutionists’ and creationists’ views on fossils, the “four Cs” of biblical creation, the different kinds of rocks fossils are found in, coal and oil formation. Learning about fossils, their origins, and how to collect them can be both fun and educational. The abundance of both marine and land fossils and the locations they are found in is a fascinating subject for students of all ages and has been studied by scientists and layperson alike for many years.
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An amazing set to begin laying the foundation of Biblical truth for your young children or grandchildren!
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