Your Story Hour

Lot of Your Story Hour CD Albums Complete 23 Volume Set Great Bible Adventures

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Your Story Hour

Complete 23 Volume CD Album Set!


Now you can get them all at one amazing price!  All 23 CD albums are included in this complete set!  Included are: 

  1. Bible Comes Alive volume 1
  2. Bible Comes Alive volume 2
  3. Bible Comes Alive volume 3
  4. Bible Comes Alive volume 4
  5. Bible Comes Alive volume 5
  6. Heritage of Our Country
  7. Patterns of Destiny
  8. Adventures in Life volume 8
  9. Adventures in Life volume 9
  10. Adventures in Life volume 10
  11. Adventures in Life volume 11
  12. Great Stories volume 1
  13. Great Stories volume 2
  14. Great Stories volume 3
  15. Great Stories volume 4
  16. Great Stories volume 5
  17. Great Stories volume 6
  18. Great Stories volume 7
  19. Great Stories volume 8
  20. Great Stories volume 9
  21. Great Stories volume 10
  22. Great Stories volume 11
  23. Great Stories volume 12 

This complete set would be excellent for gifts, to donate to your church library, or to listen to together as a family! 

These CD albums are all brand new and will come shipped directly from the publisher, Your Story Hour.  All totalled, this set contains 204 CDs!  Each album comes in its own sturdy case. The total listening time of these stories is approximately 204 hours!  Your kids should never be bored again!

The retail price for this complete set is $765, but you can get them here at an amazing discount!  And look at the shipping cost -- FREE!

Inexpensive Media Mail shipping available, or you could upgrade if you like.


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