Biblical Beginnings Preschool Board Books
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Biblical Beginnings Preschool Board Books

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Biblical Beginnings Board Books

by Ken Ham

5 Books Included



Five great board books to introduce young learners to biblical faith while you engage them visually with colorful illustrations and age-appropriate concepts. Unique shapes and features combine to make the text unforgettable, and youngsters are sure to want to see them again and again as they learn along the way!

This set includes:


  • My Creation Bible by Ken Ham
  • It's Designed to Do What It Does Do by Ken Ham and Buddy Davis
  • All God's Children by Ken Ham
  • My Take Along Bible by Alice Joyce Davidson
  • Take a Trip on the Silver Ship: Great Creatures by Darrel Wiskur


An amazing set to begin laying the foundation of Biblical truth for your young children or grandchildren!
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