Jensen's Format Writing by Frode Jensen Book and DVD Bundle for Sr High Grade 10 11 12
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Jensen's Format Writing by Frode Jensen Book and DVD Bundle for Sr High Grade 10 11 12

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Jensen's Format Writing Book and DVD Bundle

How to write easily and well

by Frode Jensen



This is the Format Writing Book and DVD Bundle. The DVD contains twelve lectures. It features a presentation on how to score student writing using the analytical keys and goes through the process with you. It contains overviews of the various sections in the book and does some teaching and explaining, but it is also motivational for the student. The book teaches structure and organization from the paragraph to the major paper. A must for all high school students, particularly college bound.

"This is probably the most comprehensive tool for teaching expository writing at the lowest price." — Cathy Duffy, national reviewer



    • the secret of cutting your work in half when it comes to writing a paper.
    • how to order your presentation for its most powerful effect on the reader.
    • a technique for getting the essence of what you read down on paper for future reference.
    • how to stack up your ideas so that they flow together in a natural fashion.
    • how to move ideas from sentence to sentence by following a simple rule.
  • all about what and how to document your sources when doing research and writing.


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An amazing set to begin laying the foundation of Biblical truth for your young children or grandchildren!

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