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Set of Your Story Hour Activity Book & Great Stories Volume 3 Audio CDs LEE

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Set of Your Story Hour 

Activity Book & Great Stories Volume 3 CD Album


An amazing package! Great Stories Volume 3 from Your Story Hour, plus the Activity Book to help your children understand and apply the stories for themselves! This can be used for homeschooling, to help keep little ones occupied, or for family fun!

Great Stories Volume 3 CD Album

This 6 CD set contains exciting, dramatized, historical stories. You will enjoy listening to the adventures of Johnny Appleseed, Robert E. Lee, Sacagawea and others who faced much adversity but persevered with courage and determination. Great listening for the whole family!  

Stories Included:

(CD1) ROBERT E LEE Parts 1 & 2

(CD2) ROBERT E LEE Parts 3 & 4

(CD3) JOHNNY APPLESEED (PARTS 1 & 2) Story of John Chapman - the man who gave apple seeds to the early American pioneers

(CD4) THE DARING LOCOMOTIVE CHASE Parts 1 & 2) Exciting tale from the American Civil War

(CD5) SACAGAWEA (PART 1) One Little Indian Girl/SACAGAWEA (PART 2) Indian Guide

(CD6) THE GIRL ASTRONOMER Story of a little Quaker girl / PRECIOUS BURNEDES/PART-TIME INDIAN Two stories about the things in life that matter most

This brand new set of 6 CDs comes in a sturdy carrying case. The total listening time of the 12 stories is approximately 6 hours. The retail price for this set is $22.50. We love listening to these stories as we travel.  I, er, I mean ... the kids love them!

Activity Book:

Turn your Great Stories Volume 3 CD set into an even better learning experience for your children! Keyed to the stories of Great Stories Volume 3, this 3-ring binder loose-leaf notebook is full of fun and interesting things for kids to do. Four pages are devoted to each story and the Daring Locomotive chase has 18 additional pages featuring interesting present day color photos.  

It also contains the script of Part-time Indian and supplemental material from Dover.  Great for homeschooling or just for fun! The binder contains 
88 pages in all, including answer keys.  
Together this package contains 6 hours of dramatized audio stories, and countless hours of activities to help apply the stories. An amazing set!
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