NEW! The Complete Aquarium Adventure      FISH NATURE STUDY GUIDE  Field Trip

NEW! The Complete Aquarium Adventure FISH NATURE STUDY GUIDE Field Trip

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The Complete Aquarium Adventure

 by Bill and Merilee Clifton


The third book in the popular Complete Adventure Series is a delightfully wet and wild look at the nearly 60 aquariums in the U.S. and 94 aquariums in 30 countries worldwide!

Learn about amphibians, aquatic birds, fish, mammals, reptiles, pelicans, penguins, clownfish, eels, sea dragons, jellyfish, sharks, coral octopus, sting rays, and even whale sharks. Get all hands on deck and prepare to cast off! Your nautical-themed adventure is about to begin! Get your toes wet as you learn. For aquarium lovers 8 and up:


• Why birds need “air sacs” attached to their lungs
• The important relationship between clownfish and sea anemones
• Incredible design features of the unusual hammerhead shark
• Where coral reefs are found, and why they are endangered
• Which mammals live in the water and have cone-shaped teeth


Designed for on-the-go learning, the convenient activity kit can be removed to take with you to the aquarium, your local lake, or the beach. Includes devotionals and other materials to help in preparing for your visit to the aquarium, as well as activities and helpful tips during your trip to make it safe, enjoyable and educational. When you’ve returned home, there are other activities like BingOcean to enhance learning reinforcement. 

This great educational tool retails for $18.99, so make sure to get yours here at a great discount!

Bill and Merilee Clifton are creationists, science educators, and the founders of Science Partners in Florida. They are certified Florida Master Naturalists and trained facilitators for a variety of Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission programs. They have been married 40 years, have three adult children and 10 grandchildren.

An amazing book about animals for your young children or grandchildren!

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