The Long War Against God by Dr. Henry Morris
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The Long War Against God by Dr. Henry Morris

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The Long War Against God

by Dr. Henry Morris


It is generally assumed that evolution originated with Charles Darwin, the one-time-divinity-student-turned-naturalist atheist. That this assumption is false will shock and surprise many. 

Considered to be a classic work, The Long War Against God by the late Dr. Henry Morris, long an opponent of Christian Compromise with evolution, presents in riveting detail the very old plan to undermine God's Word. Drawing from the text of the Greeks, Babylonians, and other ancient philosophers, Dr. Morris shows the path that has led to today's neo-Darwinists, and how evolution - the philosophy of death - is in itself dying. 

Millions of Christians have seen their faith diminished and left fragile by aggressive arguments for evolution, but few know the true story of a belief system that seeks to ultimately eliminate God. Dr. Morris reveals within these pages this compelling story, and reiterates the power of scriptural truth. 

In this book you will... why God couldn't have used the inefficient, cruel method of evolution to create.

...learn how the Sermon on the Mount illustrates how God has nothing to do with 'survival of the fittest.'

Has science proven evolution? Where are all the transitional fossils? What about 'vestigial' organs? Learn the answers to all these questions and more! 

This amazing book is 344 pages long, measures 5-1/4 X 8-1/2 inches, and is paperback.  This is a must-read for pastors and any Christian who wants to be better prepared to defend the Word of God.  Get your copy here at a nice discount off the retail price of $16.99.

Henry Morris, Ph.D., (deceased) earned the title, 'The Father of Modern Creationism,' through with his numerous writings about the creation/evolution debate. He was a respected scientist and writer, textbook author and the founder of the Institute for Creation Research in California.

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