Your Story Hour Adventures in Life Series Volume 8 Radio Audio Drama CD
Your Story Hour

Your Story Hour Adventures in Life Series Volume 8 Radio Audio Drama CD

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Your Story Hour

Adventures in Life Series

Volume 8


This twelve CD album containing 32 fully dramatized, true-to-life, character building adventures exemplify the high moral values so necessary for successful living. Your child will not easily forget the impression made and the lessons learned as they listen to these exciting stories, enabling them to build a foundation of spiritual sensitivity, high achievement, and responsible citizenship. Some of life lessons learned are; honesty, concern for others, forgiveness, making friends, love and loyalty and God's watchful care. (Each CD is approximately one-hour in length.)

Stories included:

(CD1) THE STRANGEST STATEMENT Witness for Christ and truthfulness/NANCY VOGUES DEN OF THIEVES Honesty
    (CD2)PHILLIP'S GREAT ADVENTURE Honesty and courage/AUNT SERENA'S SECRET Concern for others/THREE EMPTY SACKS Use of talents
    (CD3)JOHN HUDDELSTON AND HIS MULE Persistence & Honesty/WHEN GOD SAID "WAIT A WHILE" God's answer to prayer
    (CD4)THE LONG ROAD FROM HONG KONG TO CHINATOWN, U.S.A. Conversion/ADONIRAM JUDSTON Conversion of a young man
    (CD5)RENA Blind girl recovers/PRAYER PLANKS answered prayer/ORPHAN ARTHUR Love and loyalty
    (CD6)NIP AND TUCK God's watchful care/THE FALSE QUEEN Courtesy
    (CD7)INASMUCH First Commandment/A NICKLE'S WORTH OF HONESTY Honesty Pays/SILAS INVESTMENT Reward in helping educate a young girl
    (CD8)THE HIDDEN MONEY (part 1) Poverty's discipline/THE HIDDEN MONEY (part 2) Conversion
    (CD9)STRANGERS IN THE NIGHT God's care for His children/GREG AND THE RUNAWAY TRACTOR Obedience
    (CD10)WHAT JOE LEARNED Obedience/ AFTER TWENTY YEARS Character Development
    (CD11)NARCISSA PRENTISS Pioneer days among Indians/LITTLE DAN AND BIG ABE Lincoln teaches a boy forgiveness
    (CD12) THE DYING HERO Civil War veteran's experiences/TOM AND SKIP Consideration for parents/THE WILD DOG Making friends

This brand new set of 12 CDs comes in a sturdy case. The total listening time of the 32 stories is approximately 12 hours. The retail price for this set is $45.00.

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