Principles of Mathematics Student Book 2 by Katherine Loop Jr High Grade 7 8 9
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Principles of Mathematics Student Book 2 by Katherine Loop Jr High Grade 7 8 9

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The Principles of Mathematics Book 2

by Katherine Loop

7-9th Grade

It is a guaranteed faith grower!


An easy-to-use, foundational math text written in a conversational style directly to the student!

Now that you know the core principles of arithmetic and geometry, you’re ready to move on to learning advanced skills that will allow you to explore more aspects of God’s creation. In Book 2, the focus is on the essential principles of algebra, coordinate graphing, probability, statistics, functions, and other important areas of mathematics. Here at last is a math curriculum with a biblical worldview focus that will help you:


  • Understand why you’re learning what you’re learning, and ultimately why math matters
  • Apply what you’re learning outside a textbook, and, above all, see God’s handiwork in math and His creation
  • Firm up the foundational concepts and prepare students for upper-level math in a logical, step-by-step way.


Some mathematical terms seem so complex, but don’t worry; they’re just fancy names to describe useful tools. In Book 2 you’ll continue discovering that all of math boils down to a way of describing God’s world and is a useful means we can use to serve and worship Him.

420 pages -- paperback

An amazing book to begin laying the foundation of Biblical truth for your young children or grandchildren!


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