Set of Little Women Teacher Guide and Student Notebook Packet

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Little Women

by Rosalie Slater and Cheri Mabe

Student Notebook Packet and Teacher Guide

This set includes:
  • Little Women Student Notebook Packet by Rosalie Slater and Cheri Mabe
Now, a packet of notebook pages designed for each student! Add to your study of Little Women with these age-appropriate activities and learning organizers engage and invite each student into a rich understanding of this award-wining literary classic. Used together with the Little Women Teacher Guide-Revised Version
  • Little Women Teacher Guide by Rosalie Slater and Cheri Mabe
This teacher guide prepares you to teach Little Women as a unit to include geography, literature, English and providential history. America’s Christian history and character included in the teacher guide are the historic and geographic background, the Civil War, speeches of Clay, Calhoun, Daniel Webster and Abraham Lincoln, and a special study, "Testing the Christian Principle of American Political Union.” The literary study presents background, setting and author study, and identifies the character themes in a family setting.
Use along with the new Little Women Student Notebook Packet
An amazing set to begin laying the foundation of Biblical truth for your young children or grandchildren!
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