Set of The Noah Plan Curriculum Guide English Math History Literature Reading

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Set of The Noah Plan K-12

Curriculum Guide 

This set includes:
  • The Noah Plan® English Language Curriculum Guide: K-12 by Carole G. Adams
This guide focuses the teaching of English upon mastery of language through the teaching of literature, grammar and composition as inter-related, mutually re-enforcing studies and practice. It frees the English lesson for the practice of language skills through classic literature and daily composition. The result is the mastery of language, the foundation of all education and the key to success in every area of life. It also builds the Biblical worldview in demonstrating the unique and providential role of English among languages. Teaching English is an extension of the literature program that develops communication and writing skills, reading comprehension and public speaking.
  • The Noah Plan® History and Geography Curriculum Guide: K-12 by Elizabeth Youmans
This guide provides detailed instruction for teaching history and geography at all grade levels from a providential, Biblical worldview using primary source documents. Includes model lessons and distinct methods for teaching Christian history and geography. Teaching history from a providential perspective turns the subject into His Story, bringing individual lives and nations to the heart of the study. His Story comes alive with the leading key ideas and links on the Chain of Christianity®.
  • The Noah Plan® Literature Curriculum Guide: K-12 by Rosalie June Slater
Literature is the handmaid of history: this presents the rich elementary, middle school and high school Christian History Literature program originally designed by Rosalie J. Slater. Amplified with practical models and methods of teaching, sample student notebook pages and step-by-step teacher direction, it inspires a high Christian standard of language by building a broad vocabulary and cultivating English language skills (grammar, syntax, orthography and composition). This guide teaches literature as history, the literature of the Bible, and the Bible as the source and seedbed of literature, liberty and poetry. It instills a love of the Bible, classics and excellent literature.
  • The Noah Plan® Mathematics Curriculum Guide: K-12 by Arthur Paul Ricciardi
The Noah Plan® Mathematics Curriculum Guide (K-12) combines an American abacus-based math curriculum (K-4th grade) with a reasoning and problem solving-based middle school curriculum that unite the area of computation with the science of numbers. This combination lays the foundation for students to succeed in their study of higher level mathematics-algebra through calculus. These Christian methods enable learners to take possession of mathematics, thereby minimizing perpetual drill and review. This principle-based curriculum prepares students to become problem solvers and Christian leaders. This guide has restored American Christian mathematics to God's purpose for His Story.
  • The Noah Plan® Reading Curriculum Guide, Second Edition: K-12 by Martha Shirley
The Noah Plan® Reading Curriculum Guide, Second Edition, using the Bible as the primary reader for teaching reading, is breaking ground for Christian education. The complete reading program from intensive phonetics to reading-with-reason is given in detailed charts, forms and descriptions of the content and methodology of each component of this unique reading program. Model lessons, teacher testimonies and numerous practical teaching techniques and methods are detailed. The Noah PlanReading Curriculum Guide establishes excellent reading skills while imparting the knowledge and love of the Word of God.
An amazing set to begin laying the foundation of Biblical truth for your young children or grandchildren!
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