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The Answers Book for Kids Series Volumes 1-6 New Set

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The Answers Book for Kids Series

Volumes 1-6

by Ken Ham with Cindy Malott and Bodie Hodge


Kids have questions ... now you can help them get some answers! 

This is a set of all six of The Answers Book for Kids volumes!  This set is an excellent resource that your kids or grandkids will love -- all while learning to trust and defend the Word of God!  What could be better than that?  Ken Ham, along with Bodie Hodge and Cindy Malott, answer questions that have come directly from kids. 

This set contains these works:

  • Volume 1 - 22 Questions on Creation and the Fall
  • Volume 2 - 22 Questions on Dinosaurs and the Flood of Noah
  • Volume 3 - 22 Questions on God and the Bible
  • Volume 4 - 22 Questions on Sin, Salvation, and the Christian Life
  • Volume 5 - 20 Questions on Space and Astronomy
  • Volume 6 - 22 Questions on Babel and the Ice Age

and will answers questions like this:

  • How did God create everything from nothing?
  • Why was the first person that God created a boy?
  • Why did God have Adam name the animals?
  • The serpent talked to Eve, so why can’t snakes talk today?
  • How did all the dinosaurs fit on the ark?
  • How did Noah keep the animals on the ark from eating each other and his family?
  • Where did all the water go after the Flood?
  • Why aren’t there fossils of humans from Noah’s flood?
  • Why can't I hear God talking to me?
  • How big is God?
  • What does God look like?
  • Why do I get in trouble at school when I talk about the Bible?
  • What is heaven going to be like?
  • Why does God let bad guys win sometimes?
  • What does being "born again" mean?
  • Why doesn't God keep me from being sick or hurt?
  • What day were planets created?
  • Is it possible that there are living things in space?
  • Where was the Tower of Babel built?
  • Have you ever found a frozen person from the Ice Age?

    Kids are never short of questions — and now there are answers to some of their most difficult ones regarding the Bible and faith! The amazing Answers Book for Kids series is a unique collection from Ken Ham and the creative team at Answers in Genesis.  By ordering all six volumes in this set, you will get the whole set and save on shipping! 

    These excellent little resources are brand new hardcovers that retail for $7.99 each, for a total retail value of $47.94.  Give this set as a gift for your children or grandchildren and you will give them a tool to ground their faith in the Word of God!  This set would also make an excellent addition to your church's library!

    An amazing set to begin laying the foundation of Biblical truth for your young children or grandchildren!


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