The Noah Plan Literature Curriculum Guide: K-12 by Rosalie June Slater

The Noah Plan Literature Curriculum Guide: K-12 by Rosalie June Slater

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  The Noah Plan Literature Curriculum Guide: K-12

by Rosalie June Slater


Literature is the handmaid of history: this presents the rich elementary, middle school and high school Christian History Literature program originally designed by Rosalie J. Slater. Amplified with practical models and methods of teaching, sample student notebook pages and step-by-step teacher direction, it inspires a high Christian standard of language by building a broad vocabulary and cultivating English language skills (grammar, syntax, orthography and composition). This guide teaches literature as history, the literature of the Bible, and the Bible as the source and seedbed of literature, liberty and poetry. It instills a love of the Bible, classics and excellent literature.



CHAPTER ONE: The Literature Curriculum Charts and Methods Goals and Teaching Plan for Literature in the Principle Approach? Cultivating Reasoning through the Grades; Curriculum Charts Kindergarten through Twelfth Grade; Distinctives of a Principle Approach?Lesson; Model Unit Study and Lesson Plans; Teacher Development and Sample Student Notebook for Abigail Adams; How to use a F.A.C.E. Syllabus; Glossary 

CHAPTER TWO: Learning the Literature of the Bible The Bible—the Source and Seedbed of Literature and Liberty; Biblical Approach to Poetry 

CHAPTER THREE: Elementary Literature Christian History Literature Program; Mother Goose and Nursery Rhymes; The Study of Fairy and Folk Tales Is the Study of Nations; Types of Children's Literature; Teaching and Learning Poetry; Heritage of English and American Poets; Key Classics on the Chain of Christianity; History as Literature; Biography and Autobiography as Character Study; Charles Dickens, an Author to Grace and Inspire Childhood—The Kate Douglas Wiggin Story 

CHAPTER FOUR: Teaching Shakespeare Bard of the Bible; Biography and Tributes; History of Drama; Study Guide for The Merchant of Venice 

CHAPTER FIVE: Junior High Literature Seventh Grade:A Study of Literary Types Eight Grade:Contrasts between the Pagan and the Christian Idea of Man and Government in Literature; Ben Hur, A Tale of the Christ 

CHAPTER SIX: High School Literature English Literature: Ninth Grade—Tracing the Nobler Stream of Liberty; Tenth Grade—England Relinquishes Her Christian Heritage American Literature: Eleventh Grade?America's Founding Reflected in Her Literature; Twelfth Grade—America Falls Away from Her Christian Founding and Character Teacher and Student Resource List

An amazing book to begin laying the foundation of Biblical truth for your young children or grandchildren!

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