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Your Story Hour Exciting Events Set Volumes 1 & 2 Dramatized Audio CD Albums

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Your Story Hour Exciting Events Set 

Volumes 1 & 2 

Two Dramatized Audio CD Albums 


An amazing set of two dramatized audio CD albums that will provide hours of listening pleasure!

Volume  1

This CD album from Your Story Hour contains seven (7) dramatized, audio stories on three (3) CDs. This volume contains Exciting Events from the Past for your children's listening enjoyment. Narrated by Uncle Dan and Aunt Carole, each episode is approximately thirty minutes in length, for a total time of about three and a half hours! Perfect for road trips, bedtime stories, or family listening time!

Stories Included:


  1. Abbie, the Lighthouse Keepers Daughter -- Young Abbie Burgess single-handedly saves countless sailors by keeping the Matinicus Rock lighthouse burning when violent storms keep her father from returning home
  2. Vinnie and the Saddest Man -- Teenage sculptress, Vinnie Ream, becomes a true friend of Abraham Lincoln
  3. Buttons and Spies -- Young Johnny Darragh bravely carries coded messages to George Washington's army
  4. Emily's Secret Message -- In 1781 teenager Emily Geiger risks her life to carry a secret message 
  5. Allen and the Slave -- 11 year-old Allen Jay helps a runaway slave escape via the Underground Railway
  6. Battle in the Barracks (Desmond Doss, Part 1) -- Desmond Doss is drafted by the army, but due to his religious convictions refuses to carry a gun.
  7. Courage on the Cliff (Desmond Doss, Part 2) -- Desmond Doss, now a medic, saves the lives of 75 wounded American soldiers on Okinawa.

Volume  2

Your Story Hour proudly presents this second set of exciting, dramatized stories in our new series called “EXCITING EVENTS.”  This volume of “Exciting Events” from the past include stories address issues of intolerance, responsibility, God’s protection, adapting to change and patience. Great listening entertainment for the whole family!

This Volume of “EXCITING EVENTS” from the past contains 7 dramatized, audio stories on 3 CDs. Each episode is narrated by Uncle Dan and Aunt Carole and is approximately thirty minutes in length, for a total length of about 3 and a half hours!

Stories Included:


  1. Mountain Storm -- When Todd and his hiking partner Almira get lost during a storm, Todd’s impatience and intolerance of Almira’s background come front and center, only to undergo a transformation when he learns the true circumstances of her life.
  2. Where's Uncle Dilbert -- Uncle Dilbert, known among neighborhood kids as “Old Weird Guy,” is an embarrassment to his nephew Jeff. When Jeff is given the responsibility to check on him during the day while his parents are out of town, he almost causes a disaster.
  3. Under His Wings -- The missionaries aboard a medical launch on the Amazon are protected by God when they are attacked by robbers at night.
  4. The Christmas Surprise -- The children of a poor family pull together to buy their mother a much-needed Christmas present.
  5. Amazing Mini-Miracles -- Several stories grouped together, all of which show how God’s protection is always near and sometimes put into motion by the tiniest of circumstances.
  6. Wassaja–The Stolen Boy -- Kidnapped as a child from his village by raiding Indians from another tribe, Wassaja was “sold” to a traveling photographer who adpoted him as his son, renamed him Carlos Montezuma, and saw to his education. Carlos became the second Native American doctor.
  7. Chief Iron Eye’s Daughter -- The life story of Susan LaFlesh, whose father, Chief Iron Eye, realized the world for the Indian was changing and his children needed to prepare for the future. Susan became the first Native American physician.


All together, this two CD album set contains 14 stories that will provide approximately 7 hours of entertainment and education! Excellent for driving trips, bed time stories, or family listening time together!

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