Your Story Hour Great Stories Volume 2 on Audio CD George Washington Henry Ford
Your Story Hour

Your Story Hour Great Stories Volume 2 on Audio CD George Washington Henry Ford

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Your Story Hour

 Great Stories Volume 2

CD Album


Here is another great series of fully dramatized exciting stories to add to your listening library. This extraordinary 6 CD collection of historical stories illustrates the courage, dedication, and faith of persons who, despite adversities, persevered to follow their vision. Enjoyable listening for "kids of all ages"!(Each CD is approximately one-hour in length.)

Stories included:

(CD1) GEORGE WASHINGTON (PART 1) George's growing-up years/GEORGE WASHINGTON (PART 2) The French/Indian War

(CD2) GEORGE WASHING (PART 3) Marriage, War of Independence, Valley Forge/GEORGE WASHINGTON (PART 4)Mr. President

(CD3) HENRY FORD (PART 1) First Car/HENRY FORD (PART 2) Persistence pays off

(CD4) HONEY CREEK HEROINE Girl saves hundred from water grave/THE AUTOGRAPH John Hancock borrows Rebekah's pen/SPECIAL STRENGTH Quaker Lady opens school for black girls

(CD5) THE MOST IMPORTANT TREASURE Families face crises and survive with wisdom and courage/THE GOOD NEIGHBOR Biography of a lady frontier doctor

(CD6) SANDY'S SINGING Young Sam Clemens learns compassion/BREAD ON THE WATERS Louisa May Alcott's childhood/THE CLOCK STRUCK TEN God works a miracle through an unlikely person


This brand new set of 6 CDs comes in a sturdy carrying case. The total listening time of the 14 stories is approximately 6 hours. The retail price for this set is $22.50. We love listening to these stories as we travel.  I, er, I mean ... the kids love them!

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